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“We have worked with Andy over the last 10 years.  He is a very capable engineer and has delivered accurate and practical geotechnical recommendations based on sound fundamentals.  Andy is a professional with high integrity and strong professional values. We look forward to working with Andy in the future.

Josh Gliko, PE,   Owner, Shop Engineering

Licensed in these States


Castlerock Geotechnical Engineering provides Geotechnical and Civil Engineering resources for Clients and their assorted projects throughout the North Western United States. We have collaborated for 23 plus years with the Construction Industry in Montana and the Rocky Mountains with no claims, a testimony to success. We believe that engaging with people in the process of optimizing their construction goals and project value is worthwhile.

Geotechnical Engineering


Our soil or geotechnical reports for commercial and residential building construction projects are prepared by a registered professional geotechnical engineer. We obtain information on surface conditions and subsurface materials and conditions, along with relevant physical, mechanical and chemical properties so the site may be evaluated for potential hazards and determining foundation design.

Industry Standards, intrinsic to Castle Rock Geo.  Our geotechnical process is the same used by any successful geotechnical engineering firms.


   Project begins with listening to a Client’s goals, schedule and budget.

•   Typical goals are to obtain subsurface ground assessment,  soil data for a
     particular site or location. The information may be used for road, building
     septic, subdivision, property, construction, pre-development, permitting,
     mitigation and remediation purposes.

•   If no existing information exists for a project site, ‘initial research’ is
    conducted in the office to discover relevant
public and geotechnical

•   Client goals, budget and scheduling along with initial research determines
    proposed subsurface investigation
method is proposed to the Client for

•   Upon Client authorization the field investigation is organized and

    proceeds  in a timely manner.

•   Our protocol is share site information with the Client so they may make
    educated decisions with the design team.

The Geotechnical Report is typically organized with text portion.

    •  Executive Summary

    •  Project Location

    •  Research

    •  Geo-Environment

    •  Subsurface Investigation Information

    •  Subsurface Condition and Materials

    •  Bore Data

    •  Groundwater Condition

    •  Testing

    •  Geo-Hazards

    •  Details of Ground Improvement

    •  Earthwork Considerations

    •  Construction Recommendations.

Report contains site, topographic, vicinity and bore maps, 

boring logs, figures, test plates, analysis and definitions.

Construction success requires detailed quality recommendations and Engineering oversight for ground improvements during construction. Engineering so finished products last a lifetime and more.

Forensic Reports and Geo-related Hazard Reports may be structured differently, but are prepared with the same level of expertise.

Though soils and “geo” are synonymous, they refer to somewhat different services. A geologic report is prepared by a geologist or engineering geologist. Soil/geologic reports are completed in geographical areas where the expertise in both engineering and geology are necessary. Castle Rock Geotechnical Engineering collaborates with a professional geologist when necessary to prepare soil/geology reports and studies.

Foundation Engineering

Castle Rock geotechnical has provided thousands geotechnical and civil recommendations for shallow and deep foundations, landslides, septic, subdivision approval work, COSA’s, structural and forensic analysis and review in the northwest region of the USA with exceptional success, evidenced by zero claims.

Foundation and land stability engineering in the mountains has long been the fire in which we’ve proven our metal. Contact us to receive accurate and reliable recommendations made by our skillful and experienced geotechnical engineer. We want you to benefit from using the right equipment, technology, and engineering, as our Clients have.

Castle Rock provides a range of geotechnical, foundation, and civil engineering consulting services.

Field Investigation Resources

Hollow-stem auger drilling - direct push sampling

Triple Tube Coring - undisturbed sampling

Sonic Drilling - direct push sampling

In-situ Testing

Static cone Penetrometer Tests (SCPT)

Standard Penetration Tests (SPT)


Laboratory Testing

Castle Rock Geotechnical uses an independent AASHTO

accredited construction materials testing laboratory to perform materials testing for projects.

Project Types

    •  Geotechnical Investigations

    •  Foundation Engineering

    •  Landslide Investigations

    •  Erosion and Scour Studies

    •  Debris Flow Study

    •  Inclinometer

    •  Slope Failure

    •  Groundwater Monitoring

    •  Stream morphology Mapping and Design

    •  Percolation Testing

    •  Subdivision Review

    •  Septic Permitting

    •  Storm Water Infiltration

    •  Geosynthetic Grid Design

    •  Deep Foundation Design

    •  Inspection and Observations

    •  In Situ Soil Testing



Value Engineering 

Our business is based on client success, engineering ethics, and accountability. We are dedicated to providing cost effective designs that last as they should, a life time and longer. Our goal is to deliver geotechnical assessments that state the geotechnical hazards that may exist for a site, and the risks associated with them, as defined by governing agencies.

Project costs are greatly influenced by discovery and field findings. Research summarizing public information, field work, and construction observations leads to design success.

In some instances, overly conservative designs cannot be built due to prohibitive expenses; conversely, under-designed projects are dangerous.


Our firm has a tradition of determining economical solutions for our clients. We’ve focused on maintaining compliance with building codes, resulting in excellent work and public safety record.

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