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“I have enjoyed working with Andy for a number of years now and appreciate his timeliness, integrity, and the value he brings to a building project.  He is knowledgeable and has been great to work with.”

Andy Rowe,   Hired Andrew as a Civil/Geo

Engineer in 2003 and hired Andrew more than once.

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What does Castle Rock Geotechnical specialize in?


Castle Rock Geotechnical specializes in collecting and interpreting geotechnical data and preparing geotechnical/soils/foundation reports for a myriad of (private/government & partnership) projects in the Greater Northwest Region.  Our success is proven by designing accurate, reliable, and feasible recommendations for our clients.  Take advantage of our 20 years of construction experience working in the Rocky Mountains.  Utilizing your geotechnical engineer during construction for observations, testing, and records will also reduce risk of construction fraud & deceptive practices.

What is the benefit of a geotechnical report?


A geotechnical report prepared by our skillful experienced engineer is the right tool for planning, design, and determining feasibility.  Our recommendations comply with current design standards & methods and are compatible with State, Federal, and International Codes.  Maintaining this type of focus and tradition has given us a 100% safety record and lasting relationship with clients.


For best results and saving have Castle Rock geotechnical engineer oversee your next project.  We strive to develop long term professional relationship with our clients.  Call for a free consultation and quote on your next project.


Civil Engineers - branch of engineering that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of construction facilities that either improve or raise the living standards of people.  


Geotechnical Engineering – branch of engineering uses principles of soil mechanics and rock mechanics to investigate subsurface conditions and materials.


Foundation Engineering – branch of engineering that uses geology, soils mechanics, rock mechanics, and structural engineering to the design and construction of foundations for building and other structures.


Geologic Reports – The majority of our reports are prepared by a licensed geotechnical engineer.  They are also known as Foundation and Soils reports.  Castle Rock Geotechnical does not prepare geologic reports.  Depending on the client, project, or geography, the geotechnical reports may necessitate the team efforts of a geotechnical engineer and engineering geologist to accurately access conditions.  Engineering and geologic disciplines develop individual opinions for more comprehensive understanding of a site. 


Engineering Geologist – branch of geology that deals with determining the geologic factors affecting the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of civil engineering works.  Castle Rock Geotechnical will employ engineering geologist or geologist for service on a needs basis.

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